How to Interview at KAYAK

So you want to help people experience the world by creating their favorite travel tools. We get it — it's awesome to do what we do every day.

But do you have what it takes to be part of KAYAK? This guide will help you figure it out.

First, how do I apply?

Look at our careers page and apply directly within the job description. Our hiring teams will review each submission and reach out to potential candidates within a few days. If you were referred to us by a current KAYAK employee, please mention their name in your application.

Tip #1: It is best to choose and apply to the one position that suits your experience and skills best, instead of applying to multiple positions. Applying for multiple roles will not increase your chances of being hired -- or even of being called in for an interview. We recommend applying for the one position you think is the best fit.

What is KAYAK looking for?

One look at our team and you'll quickly realize there isn't a "typical" KAYAK personality. Sure, we're hard workers who value critical thinking and quick turn-around. But we're also artists, musicians, hikers, gamers, champion foosball players (if office tournaments count) and more. There are 3 values, however, that we all share: be bold, love numbers and win as one. When you're a part of KAYAK, we want you to challenge convention, use data to inform your decisions, and work as a team.

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The Interview.

Congratulations, your resume got our attention. Here's how our interview process works, as well as a few tips to help you along the way:

Step 1: Preliminary call.

"Hello, it's me." We've determined that you look great on paper, but how do you sound in real life? First, we will schedule a quick video call with a talent specialist. During our chat, we'll ask you some questions to get to know you better. Tell us about your work history, what makes you a great fit, and what expectations you have for the job. Have you ever used KAYAK before? Why are you interested in KAYAK? Do you have strong opinions on our signature orange? Now's the time to let us know.

Tip #2: Be yourself and remember that first impressions count.

Step 2: Hiring manager interviews.

This is an invaluable session where you and your potential new manager get to know each other - ask questions about the team, tools, and your potential responsibilities as a new KAYAKer.

Here's what to expect for this interview:

  • Inquiries about your professional background and experience.
  • Questions about the required skills listed in the job description.
  • An opportunity for you to ask questions.

Step 3: The challenge.

Whether you are applying for a Marketing, Design, Engineering role, or somewhere in between, our teams have developed specific challenges to put your knowledge and skills to the test. Some teams have take home assignments, some are live exercises. Either way, come prepared to flex your muscles and impress.

Tip #3: Make sure to share what’s on your mind (if in a live challenge) - the interviewers can’t read it! Talk through what you’re thinking, what your process is, and get buy in. Most of these exercises are supposed to be collaborative; that’s just how we work at KAYAK.

Step 4: Team interviews.

Your goal here is to unpack all the expertise you bring to the table.

Here's what to expect for this interview:

  • Meeting members of the team or internal stakeholders you will work closely with if hired.
  • More questions about the responsibilities of this role and how you fit.
  • Additional skills assessments.
  • Between 2-4 hours of chatting time.

Depending on the position you're applying for, there may be one or two rounds of these interviews. Take it as an opportunity to meet your potential future co-workers.

These interviews will be performed via video conference so all candidates have the same experience and interviewers avoid any type of unconscious bias. Even though we are a remote first company, once interviews are complete we love to invite people to visit one of our beautiful dog-friendly offices around the world!

For these remote interviews, we will use Zoom. If it’s a technical interview, Coderpad will be used for additional challenges. If non-technical, KAYAK uses Google Suite or Notion. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re ready to go!

Don't forget to ask us any questions you might have. You're interviewing us just as much as we're interviewing you. We want to make sure that KAYAK is the right destination for you.

Tools Our Engineers Use:

  • Web: Javascript, TypeScript, React, CSS.
  • Backend: Java, Spring, SQL, JSON, Big data (Hadoop, Hive).
  • Data Engineering Team: Python, Java, Hive and Pig, and Scala with Spark.

Our iOS app is written in Swift, while our Android app is in Kotlin and Java.

Tip #4: You will not need to know KAYAK’s extensive tech stack for every interview. All tools and tech knowledge required for the role you applied for will be listed in the job description and our talent partners will share details on the focuses for each session.Interview tips main image

Step 5: The feedback and offer.

We aim for a quick turnaround and will share our feedback right after our debrief with the hiring team. Communicating the official offer might take a day or two as all approvals go through our HQ.

Most compensation packages are pretty straight forward and consist of a fixed salary and an annual performance bonus. However, depending on your situation and role at KAYAK, it might be a bit more complex and could we add a relocation package or Booking Holding International Stock grant to it. Let's just jump on a call to discuss your offer together.

And when all is said and done…

Congratulations, you're in! Now, let's get to work helping people experience the world by creating their favorite travel tools.

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